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Personal Injury Attorneys – Las Vegas

If you have been injured in an accident in Clark County that was caused by the negligent actions of another party, a personal injury attorney based in Las Vegas may be able to help. Before you make your first contact with an attorney, read over the following information to get a good idea about the process ahead.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are often the result of the negligence of another party. These cases include slips and falls, automotive accident, pedestrian accident, commercial trucking accidents and premises liability cases. However, personal injury cases may also involve intentional conduct, such as nursing home abuse cases, assault cases and battery cases. Personal injury cases may also involve more complex cases, such as medical malpractice cases or product liability cases.

What Personal Injury Attorneys Do

Personal injury attorneys represent the victims who have suffered damages due to the actions of another party. Personal injury attorneys commonly meet with the victim and ask a variety of questions to assess the strength of the case and the potential for a successful outcome. Personal injury attorneys may gather evidence related to the accident, including taking pictures of an accident scene, contacting potential witnesses who observed all or a portion of the accident and contacting expert witnesses when the situation calls for it. They may research legal issues that arise in the case, such as liability issues or when the statute of limitations may run in the case. They also help gather information from the other side by pursuing discovery. This process involves asking the defendant for information and evidence that the defendant is required to provide. A personal injury attorney may ask the defendant to admit certain things so that if the case proceeds to trial, there is less information that is in dispute. Likewise, personal injury attorneys help to answer discovery requests from the defendant and his or her counsel. Personal injury attorneys also help handle communications with the insurance company. They may also try to negotiate with the other side toward a fair settlement for their client.

How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Charge

Each personal injury attorney and client can enter into an agreement based upon their own agreed upon terms. However, the general way that personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas charge is based on a contingency fee. This arrangement helps clients who are not in the position to litigate their case to pursue the compensation that they deserve. Through an agreement of this nature, a client may not have to pay legal fees if he or she does not prevail with the case. If the personal injury victim settles the case or wins at trial, the attorney gets his or her fee from the proceeds. However, personal injury victims may still have to pay legal costs that accrue, such as court costs, mailing costs and retainers for expert witnesses. This information should be clearly laid out in the legal agreement. A client may need to sign a retainer agreement to begin the professional relationship with the personal injury lawyer.

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